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​Morningstar Fishermen continues to thrive through our partnerships with private individuals, families, churches, organizations and corporations.  Your humanitarian financial support allows us to continue our mission to end world hunger, providing aquaponic training for the nations.  We have ongoing needs that, with your continued partnership, we can work together to help others help themselves--changing lives forever.  Thank you for your support.

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Our Current Funding Needs


Rebuilding After Fire 
We experienced a devastating fire due to a lightning strike and lost our offices (and 10 years of records) and its workshop (and all of its tools and equipment, such as lawnmower, generator, skill saw, hand tools, etc.). The estimate to rebuild and resupply is $60,000- our building was totally destroyed. Removal of demolition and debris removal has been completed, thanks to volunteer help.

This faith-based ministry depends entirely on donations and operates on a shoestring. It is also debt-free. Please help us continue our work and maintain our debt-free status by making a donation to our work to provide aid and to distribute the love of God to everyone we touch. Can we count on your support for our good work? Every donation is both needed and appreciated. We promise that we are very frugal with our money and try to maximize the good done with it.
Financial Donation

Dormitory Renovation 
​Our student dormitory is in need of updates, from the natural aging process, in order to provide our students with the most modern, up-to-date facilities.

​The cost for this project is $20,000.00.  Click on the "Donate" button below to contribute to this cause.

Solar Power For Main Greenhouse 
​Our main greenhouse uses very little electric power, as we have designed our main system of 30,000 gallons run on one primary blower, requiring less energy.  Upgrading this system to solar power would make less of an lower our environmental impact and prove that even large aquaponics systems can run on solar.  

​The cost for this installation is $10,000.00. Click on the "Donate" button below to contribute to this cause.


All other donations go directly into our general donations account.
Thank you for helping us change lives!




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Our Mission

"Teaching nations to be self-sufficient with the sustainable food source of aquaponic farming, in an effort to end world hunger...helping others help themselves."

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Our Motto

"Changing lives through aquaponics."