The five day aquaponic course that teaches larger back yard systems. Participants learn water quality, plant selection, nutrient uptake, tilapia biology and aquaculture. This course also teaches an introduction into recirculating aquaculture; tilapia production in micro algae based systems. Students will learn the different options that exist setting up aquaculture and aquaponic systems. This course teaches the principles that you need to know for efficient operation and has lots of hands on training that will allow participants to get a feel of what it takes to be a successful aquaponics farmer. We will assist each participant individually to determine what system will best fit their needs.

Course focuses on in-classroom lectures as well as hands on experience and training. Course is fast paced, interactive and challenging. Informal course setting which allows plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion.

Target Audience
Intended for individuals that are seriously considering investing in a larger 4000-8000 gallon aquaponic system to produce safe, healthy and nutritious fish and vegetables for their own consumption, business or community garden/farm project.

Topics Covered

Basics- The essential components of any successful aquaponic system.

System design / Construction - Understanding concepts and techniques

Plumbing – Learn how to lay-out and plumb the parts together, taking the fear out of cutting and gluing pipes.

Water Chemistry – What you really need to know.

Micro-Bio Bacteria – Grasp the micro world of Aquaponics.

Fish Health – Discuss the how-and-why of fish selection, care requirements, preventing problems, treatments, humane handling and marketability.

Plants – Discover commonly-grown plants and their specific needs, focusing on crop selection, propagation, and harvesting.

Integrated Pest Management – Explore the insect pests you’re most likely to come across in aquaponics. Learn how to best deal with pests using best practices that are aquaponic safe.

Farm Management – Gain farm team management skills that require good communication, setting short and long term goals, as well as knowing yourself and defining your meaning of success

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