INTRODUCTION TO AQUAPONICS - One Day Educational Workshop 
9am - 4pm with an hour break for lunch

A one-day training seminar designed to teach the basics of raising fish and plants together in an earth friendly system. Participants will learn the basic requirements for fish and plants and how to care for them. 
Perfect for individuals interested in learning the basics of aquaponics and how to run a small system. No prior knowledge of aquaponics is required!

For backyard and deck systems we recommend the3-Day Aquaponics Course.

In-classroom lectures as well as hands-on experience. Fast-paced, interactive, and challenging. The informal setting is conducive to questions and discussion.

​Topics Covered
  • Basic characteristics of an aquaponic system
  • Fish and plant selection
  • Water quality and testing
  • Managing a small aquaponic system

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"Teaching nations to be self-sufficient with the sustainable food source of aquaponic farming, in an effort to end world hunger...helping others help themselves."

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