Race2End Hunger

Hans Geissler (75) a winning catamaran designer, builder and racer for over 35 years will compete in various races to help draw attention to the need to engage and help the Race 2 End Hunger. His Jorney will start with the 2016 running of the Florida 300 in May.

Hans Geissler left his boat building business in 1994 to create Morning Star Fishermen; a Dade City based charity that promotes fish farming and Aquaponics as a solution to help end world hunger. His quest to help end global hunger through research, development and training individuals from around the world however has not removed his passion for catamaran racing. Money raised through sponsors and donations to Race2End Hunger will go toward making a local and global impact on ending hunger. Mr. Geissler also hopes that the events will help draw attention to the ongoing problem of global malnutrition and hunger. Please see our sponsorship section to see how you too can be more involved and join the Race 2 End Hunger now.

Featured Partner: Morning Star Fishermen
Morning Star Fishermen is an international Aquaponics research, development and training facility located in Dade City, FL. The Morning Star Fishermen staff and scientists have been pioneering more efficient and productive ways to live sustainably through Aquaponics since 1993. “Our goal always stays the same; we educate students in a way that encourages and prepares them to teach others." For more information view; www.morningstarfishermen.org.

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"Teaching nations to be self-sufficient with the sustainable food source of aquaponic farming, in an effort to end world hunger...helping others help themselves."

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"Changing lives through aquaponics."