3 days of  9am - 4pm classes with an hour lunch break

Our 3-day course teaches deck, vertical, and small, backyard aquaponic systems. Students will learn the different options that exist for setting up aquaponic systems and the principles necessary for efficient operation. The hands-on training participants receive is invaluable, and really allows them to get a feel for aquaculture. Course participants will be fully trained on our 350 gallon system. 

For those looking to operate larger systems (1.000+ gallons), we recommend our 5-day Aquaponics Course.

In-classroom lectures as well as hands-on experience. Fast-paced, interactive, and challenging. The informal setting is conducive to questions and discussion.

Target Audience
Individuals that are seriously considering investing in their own deck/small backyard aquaponic system to produce safe, healthy and nutritious fish and vegetables.
Topics Covered
  • Aquaponics Basics- The essential components of any successful aquaponic system.
  • System Design / Construction - Concepts and techniques.
  • Plumbing – How to arrange and plumb the parts together, taking the fear out of cutting and gluing pipes.
  • Water Chemistry and pH – Whoever said high school chemistry wouldn't help you in life?
  • Microbes – See the invisible side of aquaponics and it's critical importance in permaculture systems.
  • Fish Health – The how-and-why of fish selection, care requirements, problem prevention, treatments, humane handling and marketability.
  • Plants – Commonly-grown plants and their specific needs, focusing on crop testing, selection, propagation, and harvesting.
  • Integrated Pest Management – Learn about the destructive soft bodied and chewing insects you’re most likely to come across in aquaponics and how to manage them using predatory, natural and biological methods.

"The information I learned from this course was absolutely life-changing!"
-Scarlet B.

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Our Mission

"Teaching nations to be self-sufficient with the sustainable food source of aquaponic farming, in an effort to end world hunger...helping others help themselves."

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Our Motto

"Changing lives through aquaponics."